Thursday, February 2, 2012

“That Why You Sit On You Bottom”

Piper has always been somewhat of a model child.  She was definitely the easiest baby, and she truly, sincerely tries to do what she is supposed to do.  She listens carefully to what she is supposed to do, and does all that is in her control to do it.  She is a rule-follower.  And I get that, because much to the amusement of my friends, I am a rule-follower, too. 

Piper wants everyone to know that she is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing.  When another child is out of control, Piper will say, “Mama.  Mama.  I minding you.”  Though I think it’s sweet, and I very much appreciate the fact that at least one of my children is minding me, I’m sure that her brother and sisters will tire of that sort of thing quickly.  In fact, after last night, Rosemary may already be tiring of it.

At dinner, the kids will wiggle a lot.  Sometimes they wiggle too much.  One minute you’re talking to a kid, the next minute their heads just drop out of sight as they fall off their chairs.  That happened to Rosemary last night.  She scooted a little too far over and fell down in between her chair and Pipers chair.  Rosemary’s bottom hadn’t hit the floor when Piper looked down at Rosemary and said:

“Rosema-wy, that why you sit on you bottom.  If you sit on you bottom, you not fall off you chair.”

Rosemary didn’t seem to appreciate Piper’s advice, but at least I know that I have one child that listens to me. 

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