Sunday, May 24, 2009

Babies with Flying Knives and Spatulas

Today for lunch we took the babies to Sumo, a Japanese steakhouse not far from where we live. Again, the babies surprised us with how well they behaved. And they LOVED the food! The babies split an adult order of fillet mignon (well done, of course) and chicken, and there was no food left for us to take home.

Rosemary in particular loved the rice. She is our very neat and precise eater. She usually doesn't even need a bib and barely needs to be cleaned up after she eats. She will very carefully pick up her food and put it in her mouth. Then she carefully chews her food before she even considers putting another bite in her mouth. Well, this all changed as soon as she tasted the rice. Her first bite was her usual method -- and as soon as she got that first taste, she started two-fisting the rice and shoveling it in her mouth as fast as possible. She gave everyone at our table quite a laugh. . . .

The first picture is the babies watching the obligatory volcano. . . . The rest are just various snapshots from the lunch.

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