Monday, December 29, 2008

Six Month Check-Ups

The babies had their 6-month check-up on Friday morning. Here are some pictures of them before their appointment on Friday morning. Because of the great bibs from their friend Kate -- Christy and Rob's daughter -- we don't even have to tell you who is who in these pictures. Well, except that you'd probably know who is who simply because Piper is crying in the pictures (as usual).

The pediatrician said that the babies are doing great and growing really well!! In fact, they are still moving up the growth curve and not just staying on it! Here are the current stats:

Piper: 13 lbs. 3 oz., 23.5 inches long, 15.75 head circumference

Henry: 14 lbs. 2.5 oz., 25 inches long, 17 inch head circumference

11 lb. 3.5 oz., 22.25 inches long, 15.25 head circumference

Not bad at all, especially considering that the babies would only be 4 months old this Friday if they had been born on time, rather than 10 weeks early.

The babies don't get out very much. In fact, due to RSV Season, they only get out for the occasional doctor's visit. Piper has not been out since her 4-month check-up, and Rosemary has not been out since her trip to the ER the night of the 4-month check-up. Henry has gotten out of the house several times over the last two weeks, but only for appointments related to his reflux (I strongly suggest NEVER witnessing an infant take a barium swallow test). Anyway, I think that getting our babies out is such a unique experience that it absolutely wears them out and they usually sleep for most of the next 24 hours. Whenever we get home from a trip outside the house, all of the babies have a dazed look on their faces. . . .


Lindsey Wolfe said...

Piper and Logan are about the same size - as of his 4 month check up - he is probably a little heavier now. He is a half inch longer and his head is a bit bigger. THey are adorable! I love Henry's hat! He looks like a little airplane pilot! I laugh every time I see Piper crying in a picture. My neice Piper does the same thing! Glad your little ones are doing so well!

Michelle Carney said...

I love the hats!