Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Piper, Piper, Piper!

I've told many of you what a good, easy baby Piper is. She came home from the hospital first. She starting holding her head up first. To put her sleep, all you have to do is swaddle her and lay her down and she's out in a matter of minutes. She has not had to visit the pediatric urologist, when both Henry and Rosemary have. She does not have reflux like her brother and sister. She usually eats well -- and quickly. She is not needy, and in fact does not appear to like cuddling (although I do love a cuddler, that is okay because I already have one big-time cuddler in the bunch -- Henry). She loves her swing, her bumbo, and her boppy, and is happy to sit there until she's ready to go back to bed.

So what is wrong with Piper? Well, you would think nothing UNTIL you put her next to her brother and sister and take out a camera. I don't know what it is about group shots, but simply the sight of a camera when she is laying next to her brother and sister causes her to completely freak out. As you can imagine, this makes it very hard to get a nice picture of all three of them. Henry will smile for the camera, and we can get Rosemary to smirk, but the best we can do with Piper is hope that in one of the pictures her mouth will be closed and it will not be too apparent that she's just taking a nice, deep breath before she starts screaming again.

So, here's my only proof that Piper is not perfect:


Peggy said...

those costumes are wonderful! I love your theme - it is perfect. They are so precious. I know you are having such fun with them! Maybe the bright light of the flash bothers Piper?

Abbie said...



Heather...this is Barbara Wade (We have a blog but it's written like our daughter's diary, we found your blog on your Face Book). Your kiddos are adorable! Wow - three! I can't even handle our one and she's almost two years old! And you look GREAT for having been in the hospital for so long and having triplets! I hope you don't care that I'm bookmarking your page and plan to *stalk* oops, I mean *read* your page a lot! Hope you're having a great weekend!
Barbara (Wallace) Wade
PS Eric says to tell you and Gary hello!

Heather Lee said...

Peggy: I don't know what Piper's problem is! We don't use a flash on them, and she only does it when it's the three of them! I took pictures of Piper and Rosemary yesterday and she was fine (well, for most of the photo shoot)!! That baby is crazy!

Barbara: Stalk away! I'm going to have to check out your blog and I'm sure will do the same. It's great to hear from you, and please tell Eric hello!

Cathy said...

Could it be that Piper doesn't want to share the limelight? Whatever it is, I hope that she keeps it up, because these pictures just own me!