Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Down, One to Go

Henry came home last night! We are so happy to have two of our babies at home and cannot wait for Rosemary to join us. Following is a baby by baby update. . . .

PIPER: When Piper was discharged last Saturday (when I would have been 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant), she weighed 4 pounds and 15 ounces. Today she had her first pediatrician appointment, and she weighed 5 pounds and 4 ounces and was 18.5 inches long! So, it looks like we're doing okay feeding her.

HENRY: Henry was discharged yesterday (when I would have been 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant) and, upon discharge, weighed 6 pounds (well, technically he weighed 5 pounds and 15.8 ounces, but we're calling that 6 pounds). His first pediatrician appointment is on Tuesday morning.

ROSEMARY: As of yesterday afternoon, Rosemary weighed a whopping 3 pounds and 11 ounces! She is only one ounce away from doubling her birthweight, which Piper and Henry are not close to doing yet. This just leads us to think even more that she will catch up with her brother and sister now that she is out and eating the good stuff. Rosemary takes all of her feeds by bottle now, and may be going to a crib in the next few days. Like Henry, she has an issue with "bradies" and will have to be in a crib and brady-free for 5 days before she can come home. Her last brady was this morning, so it will be a while.

We are very lucky that the NICU put the babies on a good schedule before they came home, so eating times are already established. Every three hours, Piper then Henry have diapers changed, eat about 2 ounces, and then lay back down to sleep. So, for right now, it's not that hard to take care of the babies -- but it definitely is going to lead to some sleep deprivation!


Julie said...

I love how y'all took the exact same pictures for Henry's homecoming as you did for Piper's homecoming, just changing out Mommy and Daddy. That was funny. Congratulations on getting Henry home!!! I'll be cheering for Rosemary!

The Texas Trio said...

So glad to come across your blog and see that everything is going so well! The kids are beautiful! If you need us for ANYTHING ... need to chat about being a triplet mom, etc. Please give me a call.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


The Texas Trio said...

Glad to see you all are doing well! Try to savor every sleep deprived moment, things change FAST! We are keeping your family in our prayers. I remember when William was still in the NICU and we had Jackson and Addison at home, it was tough and we felt guilty having to split our time.

Keep in touch,