Saturday, August 23, 2008

She's Touching Me!!

Aunt Cindy gave the babies this great playmat that has lights and sounds and bright colors. They love it and will lay there and be entertained for as long as you can expect a newborn to be entertained. It's great. Yesterday, as the babies were all laying on the playmat, I saw a glimpse into my future. . . .

We started out with all three babies lined up next to each other. Piper very quickly managed to get sideways. Then, while watching Henry, she slowly put a foot on his tummy. My immediate reaction was that it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Then Henry completely lost it and started screaming, kicking, and flailing his arms about. Piper seemed to enjoy Henry's fit but eventually moved her foot.

A few seconds later, as she was watching Henry, Piper slowly picked her foot up and put it on Henry's tummy again. After a few seconds, Henry realized that Piper was indeed touching him again, and Henry had another meltdown and did his best to push Piper's foot off of him, eventually resulting in Piper moving her foot.

This happened repeatedly -- over and over again. I suppose I should have rescued Henry from Piper, but instead I grabbed the camera to fully document this first fight. I swear I can almost hear Henry yelling, "Mom -- she's touching me!!" As always, the photo progression follows.

Piper watching Henry as she prepares to place her foot on his tummy:

Piper's foot on Henry's tummy before he realizes what's going on:

Henry having his breakdowns:

And eventually Henry's breakdowns led to Rosemary's breakdown as well (notice Piper's smile):

We're definitely going to have to keep our eye on Piper. . . .


Abbie said...

LOL! I love it. That's great. Time to get out the video camera!

beth said...

LOL... looks like you are going to have your hands full when they get older.

Cathy said...

Ha ha -- that's great! Piper is already learning about cause and effect! They are adorable on that little play may.

Julie said...

Piper's has mad kung fu skills....KA POW!