Monday, October 24, 2011

“Weekly” Update

That photography class I told you about in the last post is kicking my tail.  Seriously.  It wasn’t as stressful technology-wise as it was last week, but our assignment this week was not easy.  But, I just started my third week of the class, and it’s only 4 weeks long, so I’m halfway there.  I knew it was going to be hard when I signed up, but like most all things, I never really appreciate it until I’m in the middle of it.

Last week’s  lesson was on how to shoot in full sun.  Typically, full sun is just bad for photography – it creates harsh lines and too many highlights and shadows, particularly on faces.  Early in the morning and late in the afternoon is best, and really cloudy skies or some shade is ideal.  I migrate toward shade just from sheer habit.

Anyway, there are some tricks to taking shots in full sun, so we learned those.  Also, we learned how to backlight and create haze and lens flare.  I think it’s something that I now feel like I can totally learn to do, and I do feel more comfortable shooting in full sun if I have to, but it’s something new to learn and it just takes practice.  I’m also continuing to learn how to edit using Lightroom 3.  Here is some of my homework from this week (from our trip to the pumpkin patch this past weekend):DSC_7455 W

DSC_7415 WDSC_7404 WThat is not all of my homework – I also took some shots of a friend’s teenage daughter (who much to my surprise, unlike my children, didn’t run away from me when I pulled out the camera) and turned two of those photos in, but I haven’t asked permission to post those here so I won’t.

On other fronts, the DNA test results on whether Piper and Rosemary are identical are not in yet.  I was expecting them last Thursday, but after questioning Gary, I learned that last Thursday was the earliest that we would have them.  Gary called today and learned that the results went out by mail today, so we think we should have them on Wednesday.  The lady actually almost gave him the results over the phone, but he stopped her in time.  We want to open them together.  :)  I’ll post those results ASAP.  The poll has closed, and you’ve all voted as follows:

Identical – 70 votes (81%)
Not Identical – 15 votes (17%)
Not Sure – 1 vote (1%)

We’ll find out soon who is right!

Last Wednesday, Penelope had an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist to check out a mole on her left bottom cheek.  It is a congenital mole, meaning she was born with it, which is apparently a little more worrisome than the ones that show up later.  The doctor thought that her mole was fine because it is consistent in color, round, etc.  It is large (about 7mm in diameter), and will get larger, but it’s not a big concern right now.  We will just monitor it.  We will probably eventually need to remove it, but the goal is to wait until she’s much older and it can be done under local anesthesia instead of general.

Last Thursday, Rosemary had an appointment with the allergy and asthma specialist.  That appointment also went well.  Rosemary had been on Singulair for her asthma and Claritin for her allergies, as prescribed by our pediatrician.  The allergy and asthma specialist immediately said she’d no longer be taking either of those – they are both the weakest drugs on the market for what they treat.  She is now on QVAR twice a day (an oral inhalant), plus Veramyst (a nose spray) twice a day.  She is off her antihistamines now only because she is being tested for allergies this Thursday.  Once that testing is complete, she will go back on an antihistamine, probably Allegra or Zyrtec.  We will know more on Thursday.

Aside from those maintenance drugs, when Rosemary is wheezing, she also now has a stronger Xopenex for her nebulizer and an albuterol inhaler.  If she is also sick, then she has another inhaler to use.  Everything was a little confusing and really overwhelming at first, but now we understand what everything is for and it’s easier to understand.

Hopefully on Thursday we’ll find out what we can expect to cause allergy problems for her.  Whether right or wrong, except for the pumpkin patch, school, and a quick trip to the playground, we’ve been keeping the kids inside.  They certainly don’t need to live in a bubble, but for now I can’t help but want to keep Rosemary in a bubble until we find out what causes her problems (or learn how to keep them under control).

I have more photos from the pumpkin patch – of course – but I don’t know when I’ll get those posted.  Hopefully soon, but it depends on this photography class and the homework that goes along with it!  It is just taking up all my free time (but I knew that was going to happen when I signed up for it, so I’m just trying to go with the flow).

Hope you’re all having a great week!


Lisa said...

Love the full sun shots! One of these days I'll take a nice photography class. My sun shots stink.

Alyssa said...

Good luck with the q-var! That is what I used to take regularly. Now that my asthma is under control, I use it more as a rescue inhaler (Yes, I realize it is not meant to be used that way, but it works for me). :) Great product. I am also on Singulair, but I guess the reason nothing has changed for me is due to the fact I've pretty much grown out of the asthma with occasional minor attacks.