Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for Sweet Potatoes

Penelope is really growing up.  I’ve been waiting for her to show that she was ready to move onto solids, but I just wasn’t seeing much indication that she was.  I decided that I would definitely just start feeding her solids at 6 months whether she was ready or not, but was really hoping that she would start to pay attention to food before then.  Well, last week she surprised me.  I was carrying her and taking the kids’ plates to the table when she reached out, grabbed a handful of food, and almost got it to her mouth before I stopped her.  So, we ordered her highchair and, this past Saturday, decided to start out with some sweet potatoes (and I am making her baby food, like I did for the kids).

DSC_0055 W

Let’s just say that the kids were a little confused, and not very happy, when we brought in Penelope’s highchair.

DSC_0045 W DSC_0044 W DSC_0047 W

Penelope was really excited about having her own highchair at the table, but tried to play it cool.

DSC_0057 W

But I think she was even more excited about eating her sweet potatoes!!

DSC_0058 W DSC_0062 W DSC_0064 W DSC_0089 W DSC_0093 W DSC_0103 W

Next up is winter squash!  I hope that Penelope enjoys that dish, too.


Janine said...

LOVE it that you are doing homemade baby food! I, too, am making my own. I found that I am following the same website you are and it is WONDERFUL! Keagan REALLY loves his avocado and squash, is working on bananas, but isn't a huge fan of the sweet potatoes. Yours look incredibly smooth, do you add breastmilk to them? I did that the first round, not the second and it didn't seem to make a huge difference in his reaction. Also, do you freeze your baby food? The pictures of all the kids are precious!!

Heather said...

Thanks, Janine! I love making my own baby food. You know, Penelope liked the butternut squash a lot better than the sweet potatoes! I can't wait to see what she thinks about bananas. :) I use a big immersion blender, and while I'm blending if I need it to be smoother I add a touch of water. Just as little as necessary. Then before I serve it, I thin it with breastmilk. I do believe in serving it as lumpy as they can handle it, though, just because that pushes them on to the next step. I froze baby food for the kids, but haven't frozen any for Penelope yet (because I haven't located my ice cube trays -- I know they're somewhere)!! Do you have any favorite recipes for baby food?

Stephanie Panza said...

Oh my word, I LOVE her cheeks! You really are wonder woman, full-time job, three toddlers, new (ish) baby and you make your own baby food!

Krystyn said...

Oh, she's loving it, isn't she?

I did Natalie's food, too, and it was so easy. It did take a little time, but was so worth it.

And, you've never heard this, right, but Penelope is totally a little Gary, isn't she?

Heather said...

I'm horrible at telling who my children look like, but Penelope and Gary were hanging out earlier this morning and for the first time I was totally struck by how similar they look. ALL of my girls look like their daddy!