Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today is the Due Date

Today is the due date for the babies, and today the babies are 10 weeks old. It's kind of hard to believe that they aren't really supposed to be here until now. It is truly amazing that we have ended up with such precious, healthy babies, especially after everything that we've gone through over the last few months.

I started back to work on a part-time basis last week. A lot of people ask me if I'm making it okay. I really am. In fact, work is a nice break! In all seriousness, though, after leaving my babies in the hospital for weeks, leaving them at home for a few hours a day is really not bad. Maybe it will hit me more later, but for now, this is really working out wonderfully for all of us.

My mom has been keeping the babies a lot while we work, and so far for this week, Ann (a great NICU nurse who took care of the babies in the hospital) has been keeping them while we work. Gary and I have found a wonderful nanny who will start working on September 15. Now if we can just get a night nanny lined up for a few nights a week. . . . The other night I woke up from what seemed like a restful nap, and then to my shock discovered that I had a baby in my lap and a bottle in the baby's mouth. I went through a quick assessment of the situation: What baby is this? What time is it? Is this baby supposed to be eating now? How long was I asleep? Is everyone okay? Well, it was Piper, and it was indeed during her eating time window (2:30 - 3:00 a.m.). It turns out that I had only dozed for about 10 minutes, and Piper was almost through with her bottle when I woke up. What a good baby!

We still have tons of doctors appointments for the babies. Yesterday we saw a pediatric urologist with Rosemary. Unfortunately, little Rosemary has a hernia and will have surgery to repair it in November at Children's Hospital. There is a chance that we could have to move the surgery up, but for now we are planning on November. Because she is so young, it will have to be an overnight surgery. She'll probably make it through the surgery much better than Gary and I will. Tomorrow we have eye appointments again. I've learned my lesson and will wear my most slimming outfit to that one.

For the last post, I showed you a few pictures from our photo session. We have all of the pictures from the session now, and the entire slideshow will be available for about another week from today.

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