Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fashion Show

A few days ago, my mom (a/k/a Nana) came down yet again to take care of the babies while I went to work. She brought these little headbands with bows on them for Piper and Rosemary. I thought they were cute, but then it was time to feed a baby and I kind of just forgot about them. Then I came in the next day after work and Piper was wearing a little bow headband, and I thought it was absolutely adorable. It was at that point that I realized that I had real live baby dolls in my house, and that I hadn't been dressing them up for fun yet. I decided that sometime soon I would dress up the babies and take their pictures. So, today after the bath/feeding assembly line, I dressed up all three babies and took their pictures. After the whole bath/bottle thing, Rosemary and Piper were exhausted, so they slept through their photo shoot, but Henry was wide awake and being cute.

Here's Rosemary:

And here's Piper:

And here's Henry:

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