Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rosemary has Eggs for Breakfast

When the kids were about 8 months old, we read that it was safe to start feeding them egg yolks (not egg whites, which is the cause of most egg allergies). Eggs are not only nutritious, but have a lot of calories packed into the egg yolk (and we are always trying to get calories and fat into our kids) So, early on for breakfast we fed the babies hard-boiled egg yolks, and later on we fed them cheesy scrambled egg yolks. Once they turned one, they had any sort of eggs they could imagine, usually with cheese. Now that I think about it, there has probably not been a morning since the kids were 8 months old that they haven't had eggs.

Well, yesterday morning I was cooking breakfast, which was pancakes, homefries (not a usual breakfast food for us), and country ham (a breakfast treat from Papa). I decided all that was more than enough for breakfast and I would just skip the eggs. I know I wouldn't want eggs every single morning for breakfast, and I thought the babies would enjoy the change. I didn't think much about it after that.

I brought the babies down for breakfast, got them situated, and gave them their food. Everyone happily dug in, including Rosemary. Then, she started fussing at me. I remembered I forgot everyone's milk, so I got up, fixed the milk sippies, and gave everyone their milk sippy then sat down to eat my own breakfast. Rosemary still refused to drink her milk and stopped eating, and just fussed at me. I ignored her and kept eating. But she kept fussing.

This is NOT like Rosemary. If it were Piper, I would have just taken away her breakfast and put her in the playroom. But this was SweetLittleRosemary and she was not just being fussy, she was clearly trying to tell me that I had forgotten something very important. I thought about it a while, and finally realized that it must be the eggs. So, I asked Rosemary, "Is this about eggs? Do you want eggs for breakfast?"

She stopped fussing and looked at me expectantly.

And then I got up and fixed everyone scrambled eggs.

Rosemary didn't fuss another time. She also didn't eat or drink anything.

She didn't even fuss when I sat the eggs down on the table and told everyone that they would have to cool before they could eat them, but she did keep her eyes on the eggs.

After the eggs were cool enough, I gave them to everyone. Piper and Henry were happy to see the eggs, and starting eating them right away. I put them in front of Rosemary and she gave me the sweetest smile you've ever seen, then ate her eggs and drank her milk.

Lesson learned. Rosemary has eggs for breakfast.

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