Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with Grandma and Grandpa

Yesterday, Gary's parents drove up to visit. As soon as they got here, we finished up feeding the babies their lunch and headed to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Hey -- what are giraffes doing at the Botanical Gardens? You know, that kind of looks like the Birmingham Zoo. . . .

Well, it is! For some reason, everyone else in Birmingham decided to go to the Botanical Gardens on the first weekend in Spring when the weather was great. We couldn't find a parking place after circling the parking lot twice. So, we decided to drive through the zoo parking lot to see if that was any better. Actually, the zoo parking lot was worse, but right as we got there, someone pulled out leaving us the perfect parking spot. Convinced that fate was on our side, we headed into the zoo for the babies' second zoo trip.

Piper, being an experienced zoo-goer, was a little over the whole thing. . . .

Henry, wearing his new zookeeper hat, at least stayed awake for the trip.

And Rosemary is now our biggest fan of the zoo!

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