Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Like You Were There

A few days before the babies were born, I all of the sudden wanted the cribs to be put together. I sent Gary home on a Sunday to begin the process. I hated not being there, but I wanted to know that it was being done. This is the e-mail Gary sent me from home that evening when he finished putting together Henry's crib, along with the attached pictures:

This thing looks like it has right angles everywhere, but it doesn't. You have to re-bolt every corner because the pieces just don't fit together. 2) Other than not being square, putting a crib together is pretty easy as long as you don't read the directions. The directions are a joke. I never saw or used part "I" and I used every part in the box. (it is super sturdy - don't worry) 3) There are no less than 50 warnings on the crib, in the crib box, on the crib directions and on the crib mattress. The effect of a warning wears off after about the fifth one. The most important one seems to be the one regarding the dimensions of the crib mattress, The crib mattress, however, has no dimensions listed. I measured the crib mattress, but it is squishy and you can change the dimensions by pushing on it. It looks like it fits to me. It is nice and tight. 4) Don't ever let anyone talk you into starting a crib business. This is a pretty nice freaking crib. It is the nicest one I have seen in person, and the price does not at all reflect the quality. I think cribs are a low margin business. Either we are paying way too much for every other piece of furniture in the house, or we stole this thing, Then again, I didn't have to put the other furniture together. The packaging probably costs as much to produce as the crib itself. I would expect the Mona Lisa to be shipped in something like the setup for this crib. Overall, there is just way too much production that went into making that crib for anyone to have made a decent profit on it. 5) cribs are really big. The room is almost full and we only have one crib put together. We may need a bigger house - or one less bar and pool table. 6) I can't wait for you too see it in person. You are really going to love it. It looks much nicer in the house than it did in the store. It will be the perfect bed for one of our little babies, or all of them if you still want to be able to walk in and out of the room.

I love you. I am going to take a shower and pick up up some dinner.

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