Friday, May 16, 2008

E-Mail Update #2

Hello, everyone.

As you may or may not know, once a pregnant woman has dilated or effaced, the only outcomes going forward are "no change" or progression because someone cannot un-dilate or un-efface. So, I'm pleased to report that I was checked today and that there has been no change since Monday. So far it looks like we're going to keep these babies in for a while longer. I'm told that I can stay where I am for many weeks, potentially, so I'm hoping we're on our way to that goal. Only time will tell. Today is 24 weeks exactly for me, so my new goal date is 4 weeks from today, though a neonatologist told me today that every day is a major accomplishment at this stage in the game.

Gary and I are both doing better now, and the babies are still doing good and all have strong heartbeats. They seem to be feeling better as well, and have been playing (and probably fighting) with each other almost constantly since yesterday morning. It would probably be pretty annoying if I wasn't so happy to feel them being so active in there.

As of now, I'm staying in the hospital and we will re-evaluate next week. I moved up on the "room waiting list" and we got moved to a larger room today, which has a couch instead of a chair for a visitor. Gary is thrilled and much more comfortable.

Thank you for the good wishes and prayers!

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